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Suzuki GSX1100 Arched Style Fork Brace

Suzuki GSX1100 Arched Style Fork Brace

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Click here for Fork Brace Installation Instructions

Description & Sizes

Three piece motorcycle fork brace (Stabilizer) consisting of two leg clamps and a top plate that is designed to help alleviate twist and wobble on the front end of your motorcycle, this should also help with front end feel when cornering.

57mm Leg Clamps with an arched top plate (27mm from the top of the fork leg to the underside of the top plate), stanchion centres are 185mm

Machined from 6082-T6 Aluminium and highly polished finish, we have a choice of plain or engraved with Fastec racing.

This Fork Brace will fit models with damper adjustment only (Leading Edge Spindle)
Please see our other listing for models that have Air linked front forks with damper adjustment or Air linked with anti dive, as a flat top plate is required for these models.
If in doubt please ask or send us a picture of your front end.
GSX1100E 1979 - 1984
E, ET, EX, EZ, ED,
GS1100E (US model)
GS1150E (US model)


Fitting Instructions

This motorcycle fork brace is designed to be fitted by a competent person, if you are at all uncertain please contact your local motorcycle garage. For those that are confidant here goes

To fit this brace to your motorcycle first of all raise the fork dust caps (where fitted) as the brace must not be fitted over these, place the leg clamps around the top of the fork leg by removing the M6 Allen head screws (5mm Allen key required) put around the stanchions and lower into place on the fork leg. Screw these up lightly so you can still move the clamp on the fork leg but try to keep the gap as even as possible each side, once both leg clamps are in place put the top plate on and align up with the screw holes. These take the M6 x 20mm button head screws (4mm Allen key required) and again put all four screws in and lightly tighten so you can now line up the leg clamps and top plate so all is even and square, all the screws can now be tightened and the order would be the leg clamps first then the top plate.

 Torque setting for M6 stainless bolts are in N-m 8.7 Dry or 7.8 lubricated

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