About Us

Originally producing fork braces under our sister company, Fastec Racing, we realised we needed a dedicated place to handle the increasing demand and so... The British Fork Brace Company was born - Allowing us to not only handle that extra demand, but also the broaden our product range & build a more direct relationship with our customers!

We offer braces for a wide variety of motorcycle brands, such as Harley Davidson, Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki, Royal Enfield to name a few. You can find the full range of brands we make braces for, by clicking here.

We are always looking to expand our range and reach new customers, so if you can’t find your make/model - Don't panic - we take Fork Brace Enquiries and do offer one-off fork brace machining services (for an additional cost).

We use only the highest quality materials, R&D'ing test every product to ensure functionality matches build quality. We are proud to be a British business, with the entire process of designing, engineering, machining, testing, manufacturing & shipping all being done from our UK HQ!

Why use a Fork Brace?

The main reason you’d add a fork brace to your motorcycle would be to stiffen up the front end and help eliminate things like vague steering and speed wobbles, this could be either at varied speeds or as you corner shifting direction.

Older bikes used to have much thicker front mudguards and even had braces welded on the underside of the front mudguard (fender) that would help stiffen the front ends, but as times have changed and more modern plastics and thinner materials are used for the mudguards a brace is required to help with handling. 

Fork Braces aren’t all made alike however, the improvement you’ll gain from fitting a brace to your motorcycle will vary greatly depending on several factors; The material quality, the manufacturing process, the R&D and testing done on the product, to name only a few. 

At BFB we stand by our fork braces, we put a great deal of time and effort into every aspect of our products, from material to testing - we pride ourselves on delivering quality.